Entrepreneurship // Laos


How do you revive lost culture in Laos?

Laos, ranked 138 on the Human Development Index (HDI), is a one party communist state situated between Northern Thailand and Vietnam in the heart of south-east Asia.

Making River

Almost 60% of the population lives outside the urbanised areas and in that 60%, 30.6% don’t have access to clean drinking water. If you look at the the GDP per capita of Laos – $5,700 – it ranks 165 in the world, with only 1.9% of GDP being spent on health whilst the risk for infectious diseases in ‘’very high’’ with bacterial and protozoal diarrhea, hepatitis A, and typhoid fever being the most prevalent.

Finding sustainable and profitable ways to produce clean drinking water.

Escap+aid has been approached to design and implement an Entrepreneurship program that will develop local micro-economies leading to a reduction in poverty. These programs will be based around rebuilding a lost culture of pottery to help boost revenue generation from tourism as well as finding sustainable and profitable ways to produce clean drinking water. As with all Escap+aid’s projects the aim is to think big, act local and impact many.

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