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On the 25th of April 2015 9,000 people lost their lives and 22,000 people were seriously injured, 3.5million people lost their homes.

Live to Love International, backed by the support of many international organisations mobilised their workforce of Buddist Drukpa Nuns and dragged survivors out of the rubble.

We had to act. We had to do more.

Live to Love didn’t stop there, the nuns waded across rivers to get aid to the most remote areas. These Nuns put there lives on the line to help other desperately in need. But again Live to Love wanted to do more, 200 houses to earthquake victims but as a ‘’leg up’’ rather than a hand out. It required people to be resourceful and use the materials from there destroyed houses to finish the buildings.

earthquake damage in Nepal

“Build back better” was a phrase that Live to Love used repeatedly when Ben Robinson (Escap+aid Founder) first talked to them. This culminated in a project for Escap+aid in Kathmandu, Nepal, to research and implement a project that was focussed on improving indoor air pollution in rural households of the worst affected earthquake zone, Sindhupalchowk.

A scary fact, 900,000 children die a year from indoor air pollution related to cooking on an open fire.

Rural Nepali woman cooking in kitchen

In three and a half weeks what did Escap+aid achieve. Distribution of 119 stoves, benefitting over 800 women, men and children. Identifying a further 108 families who urgently requiring stoves. The direct impact of this project will be close to 2000 people and vast cultural impact for generations to come.

Community cookstove demonstration with women Community meetings for sustainable projects

We may be serious. But always smiling.

Check it out in film:

It was a good start but there is a lot still to do…

Info from the L2L website here (spring 2017 section)

A project is never over. Watch what we did in 2018!