Open Defecation // India


India has one of the fastest growing economies in the world. But when an economy grows that fast people are left behind.

India is the second most populated country behind china with 1.324 Billion People. However, like many developing countries, it is a place of opposites.

India and Sustainability

Beautiful landscape next to polluted rivers, temples next to open dumps, Palace’s next to slums. To me what is astounding more than anything else is that 1 in two people in India still defecate openly, thats means 1 in 2 people don’t have access to proper sanitation, that means 600million people. Ten times the population of the UK don’t have access to a basic human right.

But its not only about the numbers its about changing cultures. In any project changing cultures is always the hardest part, an entrepreneurial solution provides that extra incentive to inspire people to change.

How do we change this?

Escap+aid is trying to do its bit by providing employment, cleaning up plastic waste and building the vital infrastructure that is needed to combat this problem. Escap+aid’s appropriate technology solution is to build low cost hight quality toilet blocks out of recycled materials that employ local people and educate all on the benefits of access to sanitation & hygiene.

Partnership Opportunity!

As always Escap+aid needs partners to make these projects happen, if you are interested in being involved please get in touch.