Recycled Wheelchairs // Ghana



We are excited to announce a new project, a project which will have a significant impact on the small coastal communities in the Volta Region, Ghana.


We are working to design, implement & evaluate a wheelchair project with a difference. This project will focus on helping the local disabled who currently have to crawl from the main road to their houses. Their internationally donated wheelchairs, if they even have one, can not travel across the deep sand. This wheelchair will be build out of locally available materials with local people, run by local people.


ESCAP+AID believes that small micro-businesses can change a community, kickstart an economy and play a huge role in kickstarting local development. In partnership with Dream Big Ghana (based out of Meet Me There Lodge) and Anamax Charitable Foundation we have the resources to facilitate change.

Here are a few project photos so far – ESCAP+AID are in this one for the long run.

  Ghana Wheelchair Prototype

We are excited to update everyone as the project progresses!

Seed Funding – Anamax Charitable Foundation